How we help our clients with our Contact Database Solution

While managing you contact data for your campaigns, have you came across any of the following problems?

  • The data you have with you, is not generating much responses, as the data has become stale or outdated
  • The incomplete data sitting in your database is reason of declining productivity.
  • Majority time of your sales and marketing teams is spend on qualifying your CRM data
  • Confines to certain countries, industries or roles

Contact Database Solution

Our Data Sourcing and Data Append solutions deliver 100% accurate global contacts. Our solutions can help you in scrubbing, appending and enriching your contact databases in your CRM or other campaign platforms, for identifying right contacts in your target audience which in turn will help you in gaining best returns for sales and marketing efforts for high ROI.

For your direct marketing campaign needs, including calling data, direct mailing and email marketing data, our data sourcing and append is the best proven solutions.

SMARTe engineers B2B contact databases that address your pain areas, taking your database quality to completely new level.

  • Verified, validated, accurate, relevant and complete contact database
  • Built-in taxonomy of data compilation to create customized contact database; consulting/Audit based data cleansing

How can SMARTe help?

  • You can pay only for ‘Good Data’, thus optimizing your ROI
  • Our customized data audits identifies gaps in your current data health
  • We make sure that the delivered contacts are accurate

We aspire to be the one-stop-shop for all B2B data and prospect insight needs; facilitating effective and timely direct marketing campaigns of our customers. More importantly, we aim to bridge the gaps between marketing and sales folks, providing seamless and improved movement of prospect data across the lead life-cycle.