Giving you more reasons to attend MarTech Boston 2017

This year’s MarTech event is scheduled to be held in Boston, Massachusetts in United States this October 2 to 4. SMARTe is delighted to attend this prestigious event next month as it paves the way to upsurge our marketing technology knowledge, aids to grow our network, and find new insights plus ideas to implement within our workplace. Here are a few reasons why you should think about joining the event:-

Varied Options for Registration
Considering every company has their dedicated budgets to utilize for outbound event and tradeshow attending, MarTech’s Boston event can certainly be counted on with numerous key sessions, networking, expo access, etc. to be scaled which can aid to elevate any company’s Marketing function. Not only this, your team is already talented and are well-versed with different skills, but this creating a common goal towards goal setting might be a hindrance. Going out and attending the event together is sure to unite the team with a common experience and language which can provide the base of rapid progress.

A Noteworthy Experience
It’s quite a pleasure meeting so many industry thought leaders, who share their in-life experiences and case studies that can be a step for you to take into your repertoire in your job profile. There are plenty of “AHA” moments that you surely don’t want to miss out on!

See the same as you
You are bound to bump into people who think-alike which can open numerous opportunities to share various worked on successful strategies, techniques, experiences, etc. – often the ones who become the pioneers of future marketing. You can meet them during the event, lunch breaks, expo floor walk anywhere so be ready always!

Learn from MarTech heroes
Speakers are the sole of any conference and at MarTech it’s no different. You will find many industry experts from well-known brands, agencies and aggregators, having many thoughtful sessions. Their Program Chair Scott Brinker even personally selects those eager to aid us understand and implement and integrate marketing technologies, rethinking our marketing strategy, and build talent-rich cross-functional teams.

MarTech connects the dots
This quote perfectly sums up this – “I find this the only conference that provides information and insight into the skills and tools necessary to navigate the overlap between marketing and technology.” – Sue Haddrill – Nestle Purina PetCare

So what are your waiting for! Go to the event MarTech Boston event website and hop on the plane to Boston to join SMARTe to the event now!