Get structured data with Relevant Contacts

As per research, Marketing & Sales is only benefiting with 20% of the data what’s out there. The only reason to this is because most of the data is fluid and unstructured. Various data players claim that they can provide accurate data using data science. All these players may look fancy from outside but when you dig deep into them you can understand if they are actually right for you.

Relevant Contacts (RC) is the easiest thing online, to build accurate lists and gain high quality, context rich data in real time. Fueled by data science, RC is poised to usher in B2B on demand economy’s revolutionary ‘Data-as-a-Service’. It helps to cleanse, dedupe and normalize your data.

Its robust industry tree structure helps you to find contacts from niche industries like (e.g.: Petro products or medical equipment providers). Our hybrid approach of “Technology +Process+ Domain Expertise”, enables dynamic user needs to overcome the firmographic data challenges (revenue, company employee size, etc.)

After collating information from various sources; our decades of domain expertise enables us to apply our own data and process rules to build a robust and accurate repository of context rich data. Thus helping out the Marketing & Sales professionals to reach out to the remaining 80% of the data which is out there.