Get insights of target universe through SMARTe’s Tech Install-base

Data is fluid and ever-changing.  At any given moment, a dataset, even the very best one, is like a photograph of a river.  At the moment you take the picture it represents reality, but a fraction of a second later reality has changed.

Being part of a successfully growing company, chances are you must be winning a lot of deals across diverse niche industries globally every quarter. Wouldn’t it be just great if you had to take minimum fuss about streamlining & finding look-a- like companies from these industries or countries? And what about their competitors? Keeping a tap around these would definitely save you a lot on your marketing research strategies.

Under Tech Install-base solution, we provide insights of competitive install-base scenarios for you which includes direct or indirect competitors, partners/alliances, technology (product/services) which are complementary or supplementary, technology landscape of named accounts, along with, types of companies, within specific market segments, geographies, etc.; thus giving you an insight into your competitors’ customers and companies similar to them.

SMARTe goes beyond the regular tech insights by providing contact-level insights as an add-on that helps B2B companies in helping streamline their lead cycle. SMARTe’s unique hybrid approach – technology plus research team intervention coupled with their depth of understanding of various nuances of ‘data’ and its complexities have made many a clients’ trust SMARTe as their global data partner. Through our tech install-base solution, you can now know your customers/competitors technology environment to the highest level, which accelerates in generating ten folds ROI; with a data driven approach for the client!

Simply share your target region, target companies and the technology variables (such as Enterprise Software, Networking Security, Voice & Data, Point Solutions, etc.) and be ready to be amazed with our actionable intelligence wherein we provide relevant decision makers profiles as per your criteria; for your strategic campaigns.