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In this modern digital world, many individuals change their jobs and/or job profiles within the quarter. To keep a track for these is next to impossible. Moreover, you need to also keep a tab on where they are moving. Let’s take an example – Mr. X has joined ABC Corp. as an ‘Account Director’ from being a ‘Marketing Manager’ in XYZ. See that he has not just moved the company, but also changed his function from ‘Marketing’ to ‘Sales’. It is not easy to track these prospects on the fly and thus create chaos when you try to drive your marketing campaign using these contacts.

SMARTe has aspired to negate such data challenges and more by delivering highly accurate and up-to-date data through our DaaS suite – Bespoke Contacts and Relevant Contacts. Relevant Contacts, which is ably supported by our exclusive world’s first unique cloud data solution – Bespoke Contacts, enables teams across global locations making the data transition and use it much faster and become result oriented by utilizing it for their highly targeted ABM as well as mass email campaigns.

To further dig down into Relevant Contacts (RC) – it is a unique cloud based platform wherein marketers’ can search and download by niche keywords to target their exact market segment as per their criteria. It aspires to make contact data management hassle free through our unique features. Our ultimate goal is to help the marketers across the world achieve decrease in email bounce back rates, frequent enrich/refresh of their database, improve hyper segmentation and drive successful marketing campaigns.

Interested to explore our unique product in action – subscribe for the RC Free trial now by clicking here and get bedazzled with how we solve thousands of data myths and challenges under one roof.