Get Accurate B2B Leads with Bespoke Contacts

Doesn’t your search for B2B data often get you lost in the flood of information? Finding exactly what you need is quite a task and when you find it you are not always sure of its accuracy. The social web one of the popular source for your search has millions of contacts and insights waiting to be discovered, but not all of them are actionable.

Contact details may not always be 100% accurate, prospects may change jobs or roles and sometimes their social media or web forms may not be updated or complete. A lot you’re your time is wasted in filtering out that you don’t need, other data users also face a similar problems.

But what if there is a way to get pass all this, SMARTe brings to you a cloud delivering solution Bespoke Contacts, and now acquiring accurate B2B leads is effortless. Our contact data and actionable intelligence is extracted through proprietary web crawlers, then verified and enriched by our research experts and tele-callers.

Within a single interface you can define search criteria, Manage your entire project life cycle, track delivery schedules, payments, monitor your team analytics and also various other transactional activities. Teams across global locations can now collaborate using Bespoke Contacts.

Cloud delivering solution Bespoke Contacts Offering:

  • Contact Discovery : We give you relevant and updated contact data and insights that are validated through technology, research experts and tele-verification
  • Append/Refresh (SMARTe Sanitizer) : Scrub, append and enrich your contact database, be it CRM or Tradeshow, webforms, data. Plus our Data Audit identifies relevant data to be refreshed so you pay only for good data
  • Tech Install-base: Get actionable intelligence with insights of your competitors, Product/Service Categories, Partner Install-base and Service/Product Line Users; along with technology landscape of named accounts, types of companies, within specific market segments, geographies, etc.

Turn to Bespoke contacts to find your Ideal prospect profile and optimize your marketing and sales and let us identify the right prospect for you. So you can focus on all your efforts for marketing and decision making. Choose Bespoke Contacts, World’s first cloud platform delivering 100% accurate customized global data discovery.