The Forgotten Truth about Country Normalization

By now, many mid-to-large organizations have come to terms with the role of data in their marketing programs. A large amount of time and resources are invested in keeping their data clean and fresh but to get through big data currently residing in your in-house marketing tools like CRM/MAP would surely make your head turn around! Apart from that, there are many issues like the one that our client had faced recently – Let’s hear the story!

One of our leading manufacturing client were struggling to achieve their goals and their campaign ROI graph was going down at the rate of knots. They approached us and after conducting complete data health check, the first thing we noticed was that they were struggling to add the right people to their mailing list and missing out on numerous others. Their data was having multiple version of the contact Country assigned to numerous records. Where some contacts were having their Country mentioned as “Brazil”, others were having “Brasil” as their Country. Along with this there were scenarios like – “Netherlands” and “Holland” and also “Deutschland” and “Germany”. This had made it next to impossible for them to capture the right contacts and derive the analytics in the right way.

After thoroughly helping them understand the problems, we were able to assist them in undertaking data normalization. After decades of data know-how and using 1000+ data and process rules, and our proprietary tools (email finder and validator), we not just normalized the client data but appended their incomplete and stale data into making highly accurate data which helped the client immensely in resolving the country challenges. All this was done through our unique game changing DaaS platform – “Relevant Contacts” which strives to provide highest quality global prospect discovery with intelligent insights, real time enrich/refresh, real time tech install-base, hyper persona segmentation along with much more. Our team of 300+ subject matter experts, data analysts and validation experts continuously ideate data patterns, models and frameworks to deliver highest quality global data.

Did you relate to the above story? Well if you did or did not, feel free to reach us to hear more on how SMARTe has catered to numerous clients’ data challenges giving their campaigns and ROI a deserved boost.