Is the focus of email marketing shifting towards on mobile viewership?

Email Marketing on Mobile

Email Marketing on Mobile

If you were to classify the top ranking buzzwords in today’s marketing world, the word “mobile” would certainly be at the top of the pile. It’s still not clear what people understand by the meaning of ‘mobile’. Are they talking about text messages or SMS, which is a pretty challenging platform for advertising? Is it the iPad or do they mean apps?

The center of mobile marketing is the same trustworthy platform which has served marketing for over a decade: Electronic Mail (Email). Research shows that every alternate Smartphone user goes through their emails on their mobile devices.

According to a recent eMarketer published report, there is a change observed in the importance to a mobile-first mentality when planning and executing email marketing campaigns.

The magnitude of changing trend to a mobile-first mentality when planning and executing email marketing campaigns has increased immensely, according to the eMarketer study.

It was found that:

  • Mobile email viewership has risen considerably in the last quarter — up by 5% just in the last quarter
  • More than 55% emails get opened on mobile gadgets or smartphones taking home the lion’s share of your email viewership
  • Approximately, 16% messages get opened on tablets — which are up by 1% quarter over quarter.

The study says “Mobile-only viewers were the main source of growth, jumping 64% during H2 2013. Hybrid viewership—checking emails on both desktops and mobile devices—declined by nearly 40% quarter over quarter and 72% since Q2 2013”

The massive increase of Smartphone acceptance by the neutrals across different parts of the continents is certainly helping in accelerating the mobile email roar.

The report goes on to say, “As mobile-only viewership becomes the norm, marketers are recognizing the need to optimize emails for mobile”. While cutting short to spot that many marketers are missing out this fantastic chance to go email still.

A recent study published in February 2014 by Ascend2 suggests the slight percentage (28% to be precise) of marketers from around the globe are going the extra distance to make sure their email marketing campaigns are optimizing emails for mobile screens. However, this was the least popular reaction, trailing approaches such as content marketing and targeted emails.

Though they were not executing mobile developed emails, the marketers did not seem to find this too difficult with only a small percentage of 4% recipients saying so.

With today’s buyer going more and more mobile for reading their emails, marketers might take a keen interest in implementing this “simple” approach.