Are you facing difficulty in timely and effective tracking of industry happenings & trends?

Wouldn’t it be just great if you had to take minimum fuss about streamlining & finding look-a-like companies from your customers’ industries or regions? And what about your competitors & partners landscape? Worry no more – RC (Relevant Contacts) can help you in this through our extensive “Tech Install-base” solution that can unveil key insight on your competitors. 

Tech Install-base is all about Insights of competitive install-base scenario through our cloud model. You can get actionable intelligence on users of your direct or indirect competitors, Product/Service Categories, Partner Install-base and Service/Product Line Users. All you have to put in is your exploration criteria (Competitor Names, Geos, Company Size & Type, Industries, etc.) We find and deliver that intelligence to ‘click of your mouse’!

We also provide you with Technology Infrastructure landscape within business enterprises.

  • It can be used for finding technology landscape of named accounts, types of companies, within specific market segments, geographies, etc.
  • You see a gap in the technology infrastructure – well, here is your chance to hit the right people within these companies with the right value propositions.
  • You see an opportunity of disruptive technology (or change in technology adoption) – Bull’s Eye! You have the early mover advantage.

Now can you utilize the technology intelligence at your disposal? All you have to be just put in your target region, companies you need to target and the technology variables (such as Enterprise Software, Networking Security, Voice & Data, Point Solutions, etc.) you need to target. And of course we will provide you with the profiles of the relevant decision makers as per your criteria; you just have to reach out to them with right reasons.

Relevant Contacts (RC) is a unique cloud based platform wherein marketers’ can search and download by niche keywords to target their exact market segment as per their criteria. It aspires to make contact data management hassle free through our unique features. Our ultimate goal is to help the marketers across the world achieve decrease in email bounce back rates, frequent enrich/refresh of their database, improve hyper segmentation and drive successful marketing campaigns.