Every Marketer’s Problem – Sales Data

You finally made it! After all that hard work of preparing contacts which can help Sales close their deals faster, you are ready to share them with Sales and be congratulated afterwards, right?. Whatever efforts you take to choose the right data player, who can suffice your data challenges, chances are these contacts are not as good as you think. As a marketer, your world is bound to revolve around the Sales data which in turn helps in quick deal closures. Any stale and inaccurate data provided to Sales will come back to haunt you forever and never helps in building a strong bond with your Sales team!

Wouldn’t it be just great if you had a full proof solution that made your data a little more reliable? But the problem is your contact data is growing at the rate of knots and needs to be refreshed as many executives tend to shuffle their jobs constantly and you surely don’t want your Sales team’s time to be wasted in going after stale and no longer with their company contacts.

What you need is a solution which can keep your contact data updated on the fly along with taking care of your on demand data requirements for hitting the new markets and target audience. What you need is – Relevant Contacts.

Relevant Contacts is an easy-to-use DaaS solution, which builds accurate B2B lists and helps gaining high quality, context rich data in real time. Fueled by data science, RC is poised to usher in B2B on demand economy’s revolutionary ‘data-as-a-service’. It helps to cleanse, dedupe and normalize your data.

So now, you can relax and let Relevant Contacts take care of your data, while you and Sales can catch up over the fun stuff!