Enrichment of tradeshow leads

Companies choose to participate in a tradeshow for various reasons. A small company may want the exposure that a live webinar can provide, while a large company may need the face-to-face interaction that a tradeshow offers. Prior to an event, your event organizers will most probably provide you with past attendee list. This list might help you with analyzing the type of audience you can except on your booth.

Having an attendee list prior to the event is a big positive, but what does this list have?

  • Some event organizers provide partial details of people who have confirmed their participation. But most of the times you will find: The attendee data is devoid of contact details: without email id, phone number and even physical address. So, carrying out marketing campaign becomes a challenge with only company names, job titles
  • Data without company information: Lack of accurate Firmographic data prevent event marketers to categorize and qualify ‘best-fit’ audience for event related networking, appointment setting, special offers, etc. Without proper identification and qualification of attendees; your own participants would end-up in a ‘wild goose chase’!
  • Data in endless formats: You obviously use a CRM/MAP and the data you put into these systems have to be in a particular format. Unfortunately, event contact data format varies with each organizer. Hence, managing campaigns through a centralized system becomes challenging

Research states that 30 million out of 138 million employed people in US switch jobs every year; hence refreshing your contact data becomes must. Though verifying the attendee list is not an easy task, SMARTe’s Data Enrichment can help you to enhance your trade show data as per to your requirement.

Often times, the attendee information provided will not always be 100% accurate, so in certain cases it might not fulfill your requirements.

Question to ask yourself are –

  • Do you have time to append your data ?
  • Do you want to waste time and effort on validating the list?
  • Do you want to waste your internal resources in researching and appending the right information?

If your answer to the questions is in the negative, there is a tool available which can help you with appending and updating your list with active and accurate fields. Our Data enrichment platform scrutinizes, cleanses, verifies and enriches your data. Enhance every interaction with your targeted audience using our real-time data enrichment for better accuracy in your prospecting, predicting, and selling efforts