Earth Day: Remove Waste by Cleaning your Contact Database

SMARTe-Earth-Day-Contact_Database-CleaningAs we all know by now, an Inaccurate and incomplete data leads to various issues such as undelivered email, not reaching the right contacts, poor campaign ROI, etc. On this Earth Day, save paper and conserve resources to run more successful direct marketing initiatives by using a valid & accurate contacts database.

We understand that it is imperative to preserve natural resources every day of the year, Earth Day is a wonderful time to reflect upon what we can do better as people and as businesses to protect our planet and ensure a safe, clean ecosystem for future generations. Nowadays, many companies have embraced numerous recycling philosophies. But is it enough when close to 7 billion mail pieces go undelivered each year? Organizations can radically improve their green footprint by centering on the impact of failed mailings that result from direct mail campaigns.

On this Earth Day, we at SMARTe would like to ask businesses to take one action that will lead to reducing paper and environmental waste in physical mail or post campaigns; it’s as simple as cleaning up their customer database or their prospects lists.

Our services are tailor made to suit specific business needs of new-age marketing & sales professionals. Serving diverse marketing data and prospect intelligence programs of our customers; we have streamlined our services for optimum implementation of SMARTe solutions.

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