Drive Revenue with Data Enrich

Ensuring data quality is the #1 challenge many organizations face. Most organizations are missing their revenue targets and experiencing lower return on sales and marketing investment because of poor data.

  1. US $8.8M average cost per year due to bad data (Source: Gartner)
  2. 79% of CROs don’t know where their revenue will come from (Source: Xactly)

Many solutions exist today which help with appending data from form-fillers to mass updates, but very few focus on data quality and building out workflow tools to address a full suite of use cases.

Various companies approach SMARTe because they don’t have the data they require in their CRM/MAP. Missing company information, not having the right contacts or stale contact information are major challenges for revenue for marketing and sales teams.

To address foundational data problems, we have years of domain expertise. Data Enrich enables teams & systems with the data for greater sales productivity, funnel conversion and revenue operations efficiency. With Data Append, revenue ops teams can…

  1. Fill in the gaps in your CRM data
  2. Reach more prospects with more contacts and contact information
  3. Reduce sales rep manual data requirements and required form fields
  4. Enable your team to select the target accounts with Account Enrichment

Through CRM/MAP append sales & marketing teams can append firmographic and contact information of their existing accounts, contacts and leads in their CRM, so that existing gaps in data are addressed immediately. This is the first step towards data cleanliness for companies already struggling with incomplete records in their CRM. Marketing can boost data quality of their leads to help identify the low hanging fruits.

To address ongoing data quality, we also help append data to lead, account and contact records as these records are imported into CRM systems. This can help marketers reduce the number of fields they ask on web form fills.

Getting the right contacts for an account is crucial to every sales team and salespeople often live in CRM. With SMARTe’s Data Enrich, salespeople can search for contacts of an account directly in CRM/MAP.

To take advantage of Data Enrich today, request for demo and ask for to see data Enrich! Our team will work to customize a demo and presentation that shows you exactly how append and other powerful data intelligence capabilities can help you grow pipeline and increase productivity.