Dreamforce 2017: A Tech Review

Dreamforce 2017 was a whirlwind first time experience for SMARTe this year. If you sent someone to the conference, make sure they download all the presentation files, even for the sessions they didn’t attend. Let’s deep dive into some key takeaways from this year’s event gone by:-

Time to relocate some of your clients to Lightning

If you speak with a sales person, most professionals will encourage you not to do a discount “slice cut” of your client group. Move a user group when there is a particular motivation to do as such, a business procedure that will be quantifiably better with the new UI’s capacities. Fortunately Lightning is prettier, speedier, and all the brilliant sparkling features are accessible just on the new UI.

The less uplifting news is that the progress from Classic UI will require reworking, reevaluation, and likely recoding. The reason you need to roll out this improvement incrementally as SFDC keeps on conveying highlights incrementally, so in case you move too rapidly you’ll have a cluster of quirky workarounds and code that you’ll need to abandon soon enough.

Look around for the AppExchange

The exchange has been refreshed this time, however what is important is the accessibility of more items that resemble solutions, instead of just instruments and tools. While assessing App Exchange bundles, focus on recent user ratings – it’s somewhat of a warning if a bundle has been out for a long time and hasn’t had any current client input. In most cases, there will be several accessible alternatives – you’ll have to pick your own particular one considering which fits better for your case. But, don’t anticipate that the vendors will invest a lot of energy with you here considering the low margin of the pre-deals staff to hand-hold you through your assessment.

Take notice of consulting firms

Gone are days of small, generic system framework integrators. For various reasons, the SFDC integrators are solidifying and more significantly, counseling customers are developing more reluctant about using small consulting firms. There’s a lot of business out there, yet it’s getting significantly additional tedious to win the arrangements. Over the long haul, that implies costs need to go up. So it’s more essential than any other time in recent memory to search for esteem, not price points.

Hottest topic of the conference – AI, Einstein, Big Data?

Apply heavy filters to this trio of not too closely associated themes, and realize that truly utilizing these innovations this year won’t be cost effective in any sense. There are a lot of extra fees to realize, and more than a couple of discovery-and-coding cycles to understanding. To be clear, there are some highlights that are really significant, however don’t catch the huge pieces of marketing completely.

On top of these, Salesforce announced that it would be using Google Cloud Platform to expand its infrastructure. As such, eligible Salesforce clients’ will receive one year of G Suite licenses for free. This partnership marks the integration of Salesforce with Google Analytics as well, which could provide some more in-depth insights from customer data analysis.

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