DiscoverOrg + ZoomInfo … How do you Win & Lose?

May 2018 saw the marriage and the fallout of Radius – Leadspace merger, Feb 2019 DiscoverORG’s bought ZoomInfo and made it very clear that the B2B industry is entering a consolidation stage. We absolutely have not forgotten that only few months earlier ZoomInfo had just finished acquisition of DataNyze – a Tech Intelligence company. So, what does this really means to their respective customers? What are new advantages they would have? And what might they stand to lose?

In the Press Release, DiscoverOrg talks about three important pillars which they stand to gain with the recent acquisition –

Highest Data Quality - DiscoverOrg offers 95% data quality with human verification and technology enabled process whereas ZoomInfo uses proprietary technology to source information from signature blocks.

Massive Data Quantity - Last December DiscoverOrg had announced 400% increase in contact coverage and 200% increase in account coverage. They profile over 20M contacts and 500,000 Companies across the globe. Zoominfo has 28M contacts and 18M companies across the globe. Together they make 50M contacts and 20.5M Companies.

Intelligence with Depth - DiscoverOrg already has sales intelligence via research-verified data and insights on the most important decision-makers and companies which includes organizational charts, in-depth buying scoops, real-time intent signals, and highly granular tech intelligence. ZoomInfo’s Data suite provides similar insights.

Important data pillars they give a miss are –

Global Data – DiscoverOrg + ZoomInfo are majorly focused on North American market. For customers which are global in nature or target more than one geography, will have to deal with multiple vendors. It has its own pros and cons but with changing B2B data dynamics a single vendor delivering for multiple geographies can be more efficient in data delivery. It is easy to manage a single vendor as he can understand your target audience very well and can fuel your sales team

Industry Agnostic Data – DiscoverOrg + ZoomInfo are more focused on IT data. There are companies who want to target beyond IT industries and they need data to target their audience. Such companies in-depth information around contacts, accounts and technology insights to position their products and services. Hence it is important to have an industry agnostic data provider.  Being a global data player with customized set of solutions, gives companies the edge to identify key personas from niche industries and verticals unlike other major data providers.

Existing Data Enrichment – DiscoverOrg + ZoomInfo are mostly focused on business model of selling “New Data”. But most of the companies already have lot of data in their CRM & MAP. But what we see most of the data needs to be enriched, cleaned, get more additional intelligence and also remove the junk from the CRM/MAP. The change in technology and demanding sales cycle it is also important that this enrichment has to be in real-time rather than weekly, monthly or quarterly.