Deep Diving into Product Marketing Persona

In today’s market, it’s more important than ever to have a team solely dedicated to understanding market and buyer needs and using that knowledge to ensure your company executes compelling marketing and sales strategies.

That’s why it’s crucial for an organization to define and incorporate a Product Marketing role into their business strategies. Product Marketing is typically an extended part of overall Product Management, but with the primary goal of understanding the market and buyer (their needs, alternatives, buying process, etc.) in relation to the company’s products and services.

Along with creating an understanding of the buyer, Product Marketing role emphasizes on utilizing knowledge of the market, product, product strategy, and competition to enable the Sales and Marketing functions to execute optimally in product related activities.

“Product Marketing is the function accountable for the success and growth of a product by connecting customer needs to product capabilities. The value of Product Marketing comes from its deep understanding of markets, customers and their needs.”

Outlook for 2017 – Role of Big Data

There are now multiple ways data is collected about our every interaction in the digital world than ever before. “Brokers use ‘billions’ of data points to profile Americans” claimed by a Washington Post story. Marketers with access and an understanding of how to use that data can create a distinct, competitive advantage in their ability to provide relevant proposals to the right buyers at the right time.

Dealing with data beyond spreadsheets and reporting to actionable insights about customers that enables everything from predictive analytics to truly automated marketing automation are some of the promises of what’s next in marketing for B2B companies. What used to seem like science fiction is now becoming a reality (as shown by the Future of B2B Marketing eBook – created by MarketingProfs). By leveraging data with a Product Marketing Group’s natural understanding of human behavior, he or she plays a vital role in enhancing Marketing and Sales functions in executing optimum customer service, driving sales, and ultimately, the overall success of the organization and ensuring streamlined business ROI flow.

How SMARTe can help

It is with these insights that a Product Marketing Manager can truly utilize SMARTe to its full potential to understand the in-house data insights along with spreading its target market outreach. SMARTe works as a true agile data partner to provide key success metrics – ‘high quality global data’. Fueled by data science, we are poised to usher in B2B – on demand economy’s revolutionary ‘data-as-a-service’ (DaaS). SMARTe uses proprietary focused crawling and natural language processing technologies coupled with decades of domain expertise of data normalization to deliver highly relevant and most accurate prospect database.

SMARTe DaaS Offerings include:

  • Bespoke Contacts – Global Technology Install-Base & Contact Discovery; 100% phone verified & SLA guaranteed; Double Opt-In – Ideal for ABM and highly targeted campaigns
  • Relevant Contacts – Real time Global Prospect discovery/enrich and Tech Install from 300 Million Global Contacts; Web verified (No Direct Numbers)-Ideal for Mass campaigns – Mass Data Append
  • Data Sanitization – Web forms, Events, Tradeshows, Conferences and CRM Data Cleansing / Validation / Enrichment
  • Data Audit – Pioneering data hygiene philosophy – Data Health Check, TAM/White Space/GAP analysis, Mass Data Append
  • Data Strategies – Help identify look-alike customers, buyers – low hanging fruit prospects

We have aided top-level Product Marketing role professional from many large enterprise companies in providing functional data on IT/Telecom, Engineering & Development, Infrastructure, Sales & Marketing to name a few. If you are interested in seeing what data insight you can glean from your target market, feel free to reach us by email at