Data Quality Really Matters

Let’s make an assumption that 90% of your  CRM data is accurate. We all know that most databases aren’t close to this level but still let’s consider this assumption. As we all know people often keep changing jobs, designations, roles, office locations, so after a certain time span the data in your CRM becomes stale.

Time of your sales team is wasted on qualifying this contacts, which has lower ROI. Leaving voice mails or messages to people who have left the organization will not help in generating ROI.

Improved data quality allows your sales team to focus on actual prospects whom they can sell to. Managing data quality on ongoing basis is surely a task, you might face challenges while managing those.

Companies are found to be investing greatly in  B2B lead generation and managing the lead life cycle. However, few of the main aspects of lead generation strategy including cleanliness and updating of contact database are overlooked; which remain explicitly essential for lead generation campaign success.

Here comes SMARTe to help you in clean-up of your CRM Data, We in SMARTe believe that even before cleaning up your CRM or other marketing/sales systems; knowing the current status data is vital importance.

A proper understanding of current data status and identifying the relevant data to clean-up is as important as the data append process itself! So we at SMARTe offer comprehensive audit on CRM data to identify the right contacts to clean and enrich.

  • Clean-up only data relevant as per your current criteria
  • Save Turnaround Time; pay only for Good Data
  • Identify and discard historical irrelevant data

After identifying appropriate data for appending, through our phone validation and other verification tools will fill in the incomplete data, verify the wrong information, fill-up the gaps of missing data. Also additionally, as different companies use different CRM tools, so SMARTe can put your enhanced data in your preferred format.