Is Data Quality directly impacting the direct marketing campaigns?

Have you ever considered about the reasons why your direct marketing campaigns are not churning out the desired results? Did you know that bad data quality is considered to be the biggest phantom of unsuccessful marketing campaigns? Simply to put through, you can never attain a consistent and optimum level if you have stale and incorrect data residing with you for too long.

Let me tell you an issue that one of our reputed clients was suffering from. Being one of the leading cybersecurity companies based in the United States, our client was receiving thousands of leads for their services every week. The number was increasing so much that they were sufficiently happy with their successful marketing programs. However, we met each other in one of the SiriusDecisions conferences and had a random chat on what they were doing of these leads post qualification. To our surprise, they did not have a proper streamlined process in place where they can keep refreshing these leads and as the time went, they ended up to a lot of out-of-date contacts within their CRM/MAP.

This is where SMARTe, recommended & assisted the client with restructuring their data processes and cleansing mechanism.

By the above diagram, you can come to know that we received over 600,000 lead records from the client which was then pushed through our comprehensive data analysis mechanism and came up with the bifurcation of the recent data (which is a couple of years back) and data that is more than 3+ years old. Instead of spending their time and money appending the 3+ year old data, we recommended them to append only the recent data (which is 68% of the total data).

Not only that, we further segregated the 68% into showing them the detailed analysis as per their IPP set as – country, roles, etc. We even further drilled their fields that were important for the client such as the email status wherein we showed them the validity and trueness of the email address.

These are some of the few things we helped the client in making sure they spent their dollars correctly on the recent data enriching instead of spending double their time and money on the actual overall data residing in their marketing systems.

If you feel connected with this story, and feel you have a lot of data currentness issues that you feel connected with these lines, feel free to connect with us for understanding more about our Data Audit services.