Data Health Sheet – Unearth the Reality of Data

All #CRM and #MAP tools have bad data and equivalent duplicate contacts. Overall belief is that, it’s because of lots of data being pushed in your CRM/MAP Which in turn becomes legacy and stays stale in your system.

Reality: Bad #data is not always bad. You have many options when it comes to scrubbing or cleaning your records from CRM/MAP. As a CRM/MAP admin you may enforce rules to standardize procedures like how and what data should be entered. You can also train users on CRM/MAP best practices. Today there are many data cleansing tools available which are capable of multiple functionalities like real-time data health checkup ,cleansing, enrichment etc. which allow you to automate these tasks.

Duplicate records are usually challenging but hard to find and eventually they become a part of your campaigns. The belief is that duplicate data doesn’t really have effect on the ROI and overall business.

Reality – Duplication leads to having multiple versions of the same record which increase the data volume with decrease in productivity, client engagement, lead and opportunity ownership issues, waste of time shifting time through duplicate and dirty records.

Almost everyone believes that their CRM data is clean and has good data hygiene unique and there is no requirement for any deduping apps.

Reality – Real time is the key when it comes to a data health, visualization and enrichment apps, like DataGenie for example. DataGenie delivers precise information for leads, accounts, contacts and phone attributes including social intelligence in order to drive your funnel delivering a 360 degree view of your target audience. The best functionality is a real time data visualization and enrichment platform. Most enrichments products stop enriching data once they have matched with their master, however DataGenie performs a series of operations on records that cannot be matched and enriches those records with our prosperity fuzzy match algorithms and machine learning

Most of the times marketers do not understand how to process the exercise of Data Health to cleaning of entire CRM /MAP and enrich in real time

Reality – The best way to work on bad data is to create a to-do list: breakdown into small achievable goals. We should start with the list of targeted Account records first and focus on exact matches. The next is work with less data to improve your understanding of the deduping process and allow you to see what’s happening to your data. This practice will consequently increase your productivity and improve the confidence.

We have bad data in our CRM / MAP, but not that big issue. Current it’s not our priority we’ll work on same later.

Reality – Often times, you do not understand how many of your records are duplicates? SMARTe users are usually surprised to know how poor their data quality is. Data cleaning is an ongoing activity until you are absolutely now all of the data is clean. Once duplicates pile up, it is a tough task to clean them up. Data cleansing is not just about removing the duplicate records from your Salesforce. You also need time to remove junk records, verify information, fill in blank data and missing information, and fix formatting issues so you have more usable and intelligent data for marketing activities