On – the – GO…Data Enrichment with Relevant Contacts

As marketers you are aware that, “62% of the B2B records do not include phone numbers”. Yes this figures can surely make you anxious about the deteriorating productivity of the incomplete and stale contacts sitting in your database.

Enriching and cleaning your contact database is the vital task every marketer must think off. But the time taken in enriching contacts database may sometimes result in a dead lead, as most of the database you need to enrich will be your incoming leads from websites, social media, and call to action or event attendees. How about having a Real-time enrich of your contact database? Get your data refreshed on the go with Relevant Contacts!

Enrich can help you with enhancing and cleansing your data to have highly accurate data. We can enrich your contact database identifying right contacts in your target audience universe. Prospective B2B enterprises to look beyond their current database and quickly identify, prioritize and build A-leads lists, identify net new prospects along with business insights resulting in tapping new market segments and Relevant Data – in the right moment provides dramatic results.

Refreshed list can help you generate better ROI. Our append services expand your customer knowledge, allowing you to identify new market opportunities and channel your marketing approach more effectively. Through our automated platform you can select your data type that you wish to append. It can be a CRM Data, Tradeshow Data (attendee list), Web forms, landing pages, Web Analytics and various marketing automation platforms etc.

  • Data Standardization: do away hassles of multiple data formats
  • Fill gaps in data: more insight into your target universe
  • Enrich data: adding additional fields as per requirement
  • Verify and clean-up contact database