Data as the differentiator in B2B Sales and Marketing

How true the above quote is turning out for B2B marketers!

B2B marketing is only as effective as the underlying data that powers it. Of late, many in the B2B sales and marketing world are realizing this harsh reality. If this is not enough, just look at below statistics:

  • 80% of marketing teams blame data quality for ineffective demand gen processes (Demand Metric Report)
  • Only 27% of executives are highly satisfied with their organization’s efforts to harness insights from data programs(Forbes Insights, 2016)
  • Only 40% of surveyed executives believe their data is highly accurate (Forbes Insights, 2016)

During this year’s Dreamforce event, most of the leading names in Predictive Marketing who touted their predictive/AI capabilities agreed on one fundamental differentiator  – “DATA”. This itself is an welcome change as most of them earlier used to brag about their unique modelling or algorithmic performance or machine learning.

It is the high quality data that will make or break their predictive marketing suite.

Add to this, fundamental building block of successful Account Based Marketing (ABM) is high quality data. Without a good quality data, ABM campaign will fail miserably. In a nutshell, today’s buzzword marketing avenues: Predictive Analytics and ABM have to depend on high quality data to reap ROI.

Sadly most of the existing Sales Intelligence/Data providers only provide limited and inaccurate details of company/contact data. Most of the time, this data is sourced from various sources whose authenticity is questionable and data integrity aspect is sorely missing. Not to miss out on the rising cost of dirty data. As a result B2B marketers lack a source of truth for B2B data.

It is in this context, that we at SMARTe live and breathe high quality data as a differentiator. As a passionate global enterprise DaaS provider, we continue to deliver ten folds ROI through millions of “Bespoke Contacts” for 100+ global customers. In addition, we have recently launched a revolutionary real-time Data Discovery platform Relevant Contacts.

Our intelligent DaaS Offerings:-

  • Bespoke Contacts – Global Technology Install-Base & Contact Discovery; 100% phone verified & SLA guaranteed; Double Opt-In; – Ideal for ABM and highly targeted campaigns
  • Relevant Contacts – Real time Global Prospect discovery/enrich and Tech Install; Web verified (No Direct Numbers); – Ideal for Mass campaigns – Mass Data Append
  • Data Sanitizer – Web forms, Events, Tradeshows, Conferences and CRM Data Cleansing / Validation / Enrichment
  • Data Audit – Pioneering data hygiene philosophy – Data Health Check, TAM/White Space/GAP analysis, Mass Data Append
  • Data Strategies – Help identify look-alike customers, buyers – low hanging fruit prospects

We take pride in unravelling various data nuances and providing high quality Data as a Services (DaaS) suite of offerings.