Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) – way forward for tomorrows data-driven marketers

As more number of marketers are realizing the bitter truth about the quality of data impacting their campaigns, they are increasingly getting bogged down with claims of various data vendors and legacy providers. Add to this, more number of data vendors are claiming to offer them millions of records at a throwaway price and this is driving today’s marketers to look forward to new hope or nirvana. Let us consider the so called data vendor’s claims/ what they offer and reality:

  1. Claim : Offer millions of records at a throwaway price

Reality : Most of the data provided by data vendors is irrelevant data and that too crowdsourced one. Add to this, a list is inaccurate and contains insufficient information.

      2.Claim: Provide records at a throwaway price

Reality : This is a complete misnomer. Although, you might pay less but in reality, your marketing budget will hit the roof with the hope that you will be repeatedly purchasing lists. Couple to this, your marketing campaign will not yield any valuable results.

     3. Claim: Provide global coverage

Reality: You will be at a risk of being labelled spammer as they provide lot of irrelevant data

     4. Claim: Provide insights with data

Reality: The data list lacks meaningful insights and hence your team will be ending up spending more time on research activity.

As if to support above facts, as per Gartner, the average salesperson spends 45% of their time researching.

The only way out for next generation data-driven marketers is embracing – Data as a Service (DaaS) model which is a disruptor within B2B marketing space. There has been traction in major enterprises adopting various marketing technology stacks, be it CRM, MAP or Predictive Analytics which has fueled demand for DaaS model. This is due to the fact that CRM, MAP, and Predictive Analytics need good quality real time data which is relevant and contains insights. As a result, DaaS model acts as a gasoline for these marketing engines and thus DaaS has emerged as an alternative to static list purchases.

Enterprises are increasingly deploying DaaS platform to obtain, validate and feed data into MAP/CRMs on a regular basis. Most of DaaS platforms offer comprehensive up to date database of prospects, completed with firmographic details and tech install-base insights. The benefits to sourcing data in this way are numerous – it is continuously updated

Business benefits :

As a result, marketers are able to reduce email bounce back-rates, improve segmentation and ultimately feed a more accurate sales and marketing data process for campaigns. Accurate and relevant data not only improves sales and marketing, but it can reduce friction between these two groups as well. Quality data makes for better insight, enabling each to do their job collaboratively and consequently results in fewer disputes.

As a passionate global enterprise DaaS provider, SMARTe Inc continues to deliver ten folds ROI through millions of “Bespoke Contacts” for 100+ global customers including Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Dassault etc. In addition, we have launched a revolutionary real-time Data Discovery platform Relevant Contacts.

Our intelligent DaaS Offerings: 

To conclude, DaaS is revolutionizing marketing technology, providing the all-important ammunition for marketers and salespersons to personalize their communications, reduce the costs of B2B marketing and sales pipelines, and ultimately improve their bottom line with increased sales.