Customize your display ads through audience profiling

Previous post shows how display ads can augment and speed-up your typical B2B sales cycle; now we can dig our thoughts little more and think about how you can use display ads the way you want it. Do you customize your display ads according to market trends?  Generally when you use display ads to influence buyers, you should also use it as a tool against market triggers. Here market triggers can be various; mergers & acquisitions, competitors exit or new industry news.

  • So if your competitor exit the market – can you offer some attractive trade-in programs?
  • If you are coming up with a product/solution with a unique concept: should you use display networks to run teaser campaigns? Yes it is a good way to first establish the uniqueness of your concept and then reveal more on your product
  • One of the best example is of profiling your audience (company as well as executives). If you can find out what are the industry bodies or associations your prospects are affiliated/associated; what kind of events they attend – now you know where to place your ads!
  • What about social profiling? To start off, you should find out what LinkedIn groups your audience participate (or are members). Then target your ads accordingly.

These are just a few example – little food for thought. So core idea is to do audience profiling – so that you have a clear picture about whom you need to target, who are already using similar product like yours, competitors’ customers etc. Leveraging such insights you can direct your ads with more likely precision and get more engagement.

But again you can never know your buyers enough! It’s through trial and error. But audience profiling would give you a head-start.