The Curious Tale of Data Refresh Cycle

Every marketing campaign needs to have a set of target audience associated for successfully generating its utmost potential and ROI. This can be either way of region, companies, job roles, etc. depending on your conducted customer behavior and patterns. While it seems very easy to drive the campaigns directly from your CRM/MAP tools, you have to dig deep into your products actual data to figure out existing potential flaws.

Let me explain through a scenario here – numerous times, you might have tried to target specific job roles/titles from your target market. But consider when was the last time you had a chance to thoroughly dissect and check the data. The answer would probably be some months back either manually or through a 3rd party vendor. Can you say that the job roles/titles are 100% correct if the data is not refreshed for a few months? Also, do you know whether the recipient whom you’re targeting is still working in the same job and whether he has changes his job location? If you’re using any 3rd party product, when did they append their data last?

Despite copious data vendors and their products benefiting from the progress in data science, it’s unfortunate that marketers are still struggling with such enormous data health problems for decades! This ultimately catches up when your campaigns hit a stumbling block and don’t return the desired goals you must have thought at the start of the program.

Wouldn’t it be just great if someone can scrutinize the millions of in-house marketing & sales contact data to help you understand the current data hygiene?

Worry no more as SMARTe stands out from other data players where our Data Audit services help in leveraging technology as well as domain expertise to slice-and-dice your data – providing meaningful insights and recommended approach for data cleansing and future management. You can stay ahead of the competition when your data is refreshed frequently, based on Region, Industry and Company Size, which is done through our team of 300+ SMEs, research analysts and verification experts who continuously ideate data patterns, models and frameworks to deliver highest quality global data – taking us ahead of other data products. Using our intelligent DaaS Suite of “Bespoke Contacts” and “Relevant Contacts” will take you closer to your set marketing campaign goals- thus in turn enabling you to reach and close deals faster.

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