CRM Retargeting – The new aid towards growing sales

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CRM Retargeting

Next to every mid to large company now have their customer databases setup for building relationships and mining additional business. If you have not setup one in your company, its time you do it right away to stay updated. Once you’re through with this, then you will certainly want to make CRM Retargeting part of your marketing strategy. Its ia certainly a valued foil to your other techniques that enables you to base more effective & strategized marketing both online and offline.

What is CRM Retargeting?

CRM Retargeting permits you to serve online display ads directly to your existing customers as they browse on the internet. It uses your existing offline data to reach your customers online at any time, not just after they visit your website, unlike regular retargeting. CRM Retargeting interprets a company’s rich offline data into anonymized online segments that can be used to create highly targeted and more effective display advertising.

Is there any difference with other Retargeting forms?

CRM Retargeting uses your offline customer data residing on your CRM to reach your customers online directly; unlike regular website retargeting where after they visit your website. There are several forms of targeting and retargeting.

Behavioral targeting is one of them; it serves your display ads to a visitor based on information collected from that visitor’s behavior across the web (i.e. keyword searches, site surfing). Your audience is created through data made available from third-party providers or several other available platform’s behavioral data. However, Site retargeting serves your display ads to users anywhere on the internet based on their recent action on your website. This allows you to continue engaging site visitors after they have left your site; thus building an audience based on your website traffic.

Why should you consider CRM Retargeting?

Simply because of 4 quick and reliable reasons namely: – to improve your sales, lower your CPM charges, give your client the complete 360° experience and to provide your customers with precise and pertinent info.

As per a study conducted by Oracle, only 59% of catalogue recipients ever make purchases directly from the catalogue. By using CRM Retargeting, you can complement your catalogue campaign with online display ads that resemble your catalogue’s content or customers’ purchasing history. Not to forget, CRM retargeting is also a fabulous technique to engross your buyers who make a one-time purchase or have signed up for email notifications but never really respond to your emails.

So what about Email retargeting then?

Email retargeting is an easy and efficient way to complement your email campaign with display advertising so that it helps in drastically improving your campaigns reach. According to this Teradata study, email combined with display outperforms email on its own, and contributes to a significant increase in website and landing page traffic.

So, combine your direct marketing and email strategy with CRM Retargeting and reap the benefits of retargeting in the long haul.

CRM retargeting is an extremely commanding foil to both direct mailing and email marketing. If your database consists mainly physical mailing addresses, this is one of the only effective ways to take those contacts online and begin serving ads to them.