Convert! Close! Cultivate! – Plan your B2B inbound email campaigns strategy

Isn’t it disappointing to see all the hard work placed into your B2B email marketing cultivate little engagement and no conversions?

In order to accomplish the industry benchmark of 25% or higher open rate, it is vital that your emails deliver value to recipients and tempt them to take the next step. In a world of ‘salesy’, and disruptive outbound marketing, embracing a palatable inbound email strategy can play a huge role towards building engaging emails that drive more lead conversions.

Creating search-engine-optimized content to attract visitors to your website is the base to your successfully laid foundation for sending inbound emails. An inbound email marketing strategy can then be merged at the three successive stages of marketing, namely CONVERT, CLOSE, and CULTIVATE.

  1. CONVERT Visitors into Leads

The first inbound email comes into consideration at the final point of ‘conversion’. In other words, it’s the “Thank You” or “Welcome” message email that leads receive as soon as they sign up or make the first association with your brand, whether it is the first purchase, first resource download or webinar/event registration. Startlingly, only 53% of marketers currently use welcome emails, with many still to understand its real importance.

Why Welcome emails help?

  • Helps to set the tone for future communication, namely two-way communication
  • Creates a lasting impression and make the subscriber feel valued & builds a strong brand image
  • 75% of top marketers agree to Welcome emails being the most effective email campaigns
  • Calculated CTA placement on top of the email entice subscribers to take the next step and aids conversions
  1. CLOSE Leads into Clients

The next emails batch lets you nurture leads until they are “sales-ready”. The key objective here is not to pitch your products but to have exchange dialogue with prospects by educating them with pertinent content through every stage of the buyer journey. This includes sharing blog posts, case studies, and other resource materials that enlightens them about their area of interest based on their website behaviour: What did they last download? Which theme was it? Which pages on your website do they often visit?

Why Nurturing emails help?

  • 73% B2B leads are not sales-ready. Therefore, these emails support prospects who are looking for information rather than to make a purchase – creating a slow build
  • As nurturing emails are tailored to buyers’ penchants and previous behaviours, there are more likely to move ahead in the sales pipeline
  • Nurturing emails potentially opens up a chance to upsell or cross-sell your products to existing client
  1. CULTIVATE Clients

Once all your hard work in closing the lead into client is done, the last stage of an inbound marketing strategy is ‘cultivate’. Besides your social strategy, you can nurture clients by sending an email, conveying appreciation for their trust. You can offer discounts, set up contests, asking survey feedbacks or even a free trial of a new feature.

Why Cultivate emails help?

  • Through sharing regular offers that clients love (every client does J), you help to make them your brand evangelists
  • Cultivate emails also improves the word-of-mouth publicity for your company, which in-turn opens referral marketing platform
  • These emails would work as a convincing tool to encourage clients in making more frequent product subscription upgrades or purchases


To sum it up!

Whether you plan to generate leads, acquire new clients or retain existing ones, an inbound email marketing strategy aids you to achieve your B2B targets. By keeping your emails conversational, helpful, and valuable, you will surely see more conversions, ROI, and business growth in the days to come.

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