Contact Discovery – Providing Data as a Service (DaaS)

Contact Discovery – Providing Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)How about the idea of having a customized contact database over cloud, through which you can optimize your sales and marketing campaigns; reach out to your ideal prospect profiles and cover more industries and Geographies. With customization even the quality of contacts also plays a very important role. At times while getting customized qualified data you might face certain difficulties. Here are some of them which you can connect too;

  • Do you feel like a middleman between your company and your data provider
  • Are you having tough time managing projects between your peers and your team members?
  • Is your time getting wasted on lots of transactional activities?
  • Too much to and fro going on in your campaign data planning
  • Do you see a communication gap between your teams and your vendor?
  • And when you need numbers to be included in your reports ; you don’t have enough insight into your marketing data, its usage and effectiveness

Comes in SMARTe with its World’s first DaaS (Data-as-a-service) Bespoke Contacts, cloud based platform that provides you with customized data according to your requirement, managed through one single portal. Now you have access to the best quality custom-built contact data and prospect intelligence, accessible through the web; giving you first-of-its-kind user experience.

It’s a one-stop-shop destination for your all types of marketing data needs and support. Our solution provides ease of interaction and full visibility for entire project life cycle, right from project criteria to data delivery and beyond. Managing B2B Contact Database, segmenting your marketing lists and planning your campaign data were never so easy!

  1. Project Management: It’s one of the key features of Bespoke Contacts that enables you to manage your contact database without much hassle. Being a cloud-based model, it allows you to access and manage your data from anywhere anytime. Adding to that, you now have back-up of your data with us. All you have to do is just a ‘sign-up’.
  2. Collaboration: In this globalized world, you work in a virtual work environment. While you may be sitting in your office, your subordinate sitting in another continent altogether! So how do you plan and manage your direct marketing campaigns and implement database strategy around it. Need is of seamless ‘collaboration’ through Bespoke Contacts, even if you are based in different locations, it gives you an opportunity to collaborate with your peers or counterparts, your teams or divisions effectively.
  3. Automation: It’s one of the key feature of Bespoke Contacts; providing you with real-time notification from our sales/account managers related to you subscription, from project managers on project related developments, or related to accounts payable, contract management, user management, approvals, etc. This enables data users undo a lot of transactional activities.
  4. Communication: The best part of this feature is that it allows you to communicate to your entire team as well as the SMARTe team through a message board that is available on your dashboard. Via this you can highlight your message to convey your messages regarding any ongoing projects, to instruct our operations team or update the finance teams regarding payments or any other issues.
  5. Analytics: So after doing everything when the time comes to take a stock of what was done, do you struggle to formulate anything meaningful – be it a report on your data usage, campaign data patterns, or an overall metric to be presented higher-up! Marketing data without metric is something you can do-away with in-built analytics feature on Bespoke Contacts.

Bespoke Contacts offers you with four main products to address the needs of your business contact lists. Our Data-as-a-service (DaaS) version of Contact Discovery, Contact Append, Competitive Intelligence and Technology Infrastructure Intelligence offers a truly innovative and collaborative infrastructure to manage your global direct marketing data.