Conquer the Global Market with Revolutionary DaaS Suite

“Marketers are only getting 15% penetration into target accounts.”

As more and more companies recognize and embrace the opportunities that global markets offer, the need for high quality international contact database research has increased exponentially. Whether you wish to focus on a single geography or require a complex, coordinated multi-country study, research into international database brings a unique set of challenges and it is vital you work with a specialist provider of contact database.

real time global prospect discovery and enrich platform

To pursue global marketing reach, you need a truly global enterprise DaaS provider who can provide you high quality data spanning multiple countries/regions. But in reality very few data providers can claim to provide relevant company/contact details across globe, as they tend to focus primarily on North American market. Add to this many of the providers lack domain knowledge related to various data nuances.

Here come Relevant Contacts – “World’s first comprehensive real time global prospect discovery and enrich platform, covering 202+ countries”

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Relevant Contacts features at a glance:                

  • Real Time Download/Refresh
  • Target Industries At Granular Level
  • Robust Level, Function Hierarchy
  • Tap competitor/Partner Install Base
  • Diversified Company Taxonomy
  • Provides Much Better Match Rate
  • Relevancy Scoring
  • Rich Database Of Ontologies

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