Competitive Intelligence through Online Survey

Online surveys are fast becoming an essential research tool for a variety of research fields, including marketing, social and official statistics research. It helps to understand your ‘target audience’, they are also faster, cheaper and simple compared to other survey methodologies. In an online survey, interaction between the respondent and questionnaire is more dynamic compared to email or paper survey.

Online surveys can be tailored to the situation like the questionnaire may be preloaded with already available information.

Let’s check out a scenario where, SMARTe has helped one of its client in MDM industry to gather competitive intelligence.

Our client, a leader in the Mobile Device Management space engaged us to build a custom made database for marketing their flagship solution.  Initially started sourcing the business contacts as per customers’ given criteria.

While our Web Research and Phone Research teams were able to build the database using our in-house technology and processes, the difficulty level of contact sourcing was high. Mobile Device Management (MDM) being an evolving technology, information available on public domain was on the lower side. So we decided to use the survey route to complement our other processes.

How we did it:-



Key Takeaways:

  • We provided a complete database of Competitor Install-base to our customer
  • Additionally, we were able to provide market intelligence on potential buyers, who were non users of MDM solutions, but were exploring or planned to explore such a solution