Check Out How Data Audit Can be Helpful for Maintaining Data Hygiene

Believe it or not there is always a need of maintaining hygiene of your existing contact data, keeping your data well maintained is very essential for sales cycle. You or your sales teams surely don’t want to waste your time by cleaning and updating your database.

Contact Database Hygienic

Definitely you will need someone who can keep your data well maintained. Here, SMARTe can help you in keeping your contact database hygienic. We cover the entire gamut of marketing & sales data that is stored and managed through tools like emails marketing, marketing automation or CRM systems.

Be it incoming leads data from website, landing pages, download forms, tradeshow data, etc. SMARTe’s technology and domain expertise to slice and dice your data and provide you meaningful insights and recommended approach for data cleansing and management.

Approach for Data Audit:-

  • After your data is received which needs overhaul, the first thing we do is set up the critical criteria like your database marketing objectives, Ideal Prospect Profile (IPP) – both firmographic and contact level, segmentation factors, etc.
  • Then your database is analyzed and scrutinized to identify gaps, categorize as per your business relevancy and tabulate as Good Data, Filtered Data or Bad Data.
  • After the above steps, according to your database we recommend the appropriate approach for data cleansing and enrichment.

How is SMARTe Data Audit useful for you?

  • To understand current health of your contact database
  • To identify data to be refreshed, enriched, trashed, etc.
  • Plan out future data sourcing /Appending strategy as per your specific requirement
  • Pay only for clean-up of relevant data vis-à-vis entire current database