Changing with Time – Lead generation Marketing

In this blog, we discuss revolutionary lead generation tactics for better double-figure ROI. We focus global trend, techniques on social media like Facebook, twitter etc.

We give advertise on newsletter named paper advertising /classified and telemarketing it’s outdated for business.

In this post, we make the strategy for three tried-and-true lead generation tactics ( direct mail, trade show, and cold calling) and four emerging digital lead generation tactics ( email marketing, SE marketing, display advertising, and SMO Advertising).

Marketer, who want achieve target like business ROI doubled in short period, using all seven of these tactics for predictable future.

Some marketer frequently asks what a difference between brand awareness and lead generation is.

In general, the marketing world is ruled by Brand awareness and Lead generation marketing.  The two disciplines are big brothers of marketing and they have kind of relationship with each other. We just target in a post how to attract customer with a technique of lead generation marketing.

Difficult to measure the exact percentage of companies who use lead generation marketing technique. Most of the organization use traditional lead generation technique like the trade show, direct mail and cold calling) without taking help of online measures (nos.)

In brand awareness/marketing creative and instinctive (easy to use and understand) and for the lead generation we used mathematics and analytics.

In brand marketing, we create imagination like bright idea OR think outside of box kind of discipline. With this create the impression in prospect’s and customer’s mind with displaying and broadcasting.  With approx. no’s we finalize our branding going success.

Lead generation marketing is all about the science of approach. Creativity is involved but small.

In next post, we will deep dive into ….. Product and quality measure with two disciplines and how to save every penny from wasting.