Changing Scenario of B2B Events

Today, there are over 100 B2B marketing events occurring in the world and choosing on which one to attend is never easy. We sponsor the top 10-15 of these B2B Marketing events and based on our experience, we have come up with a checklist for you while you plan to sponsor or attend a B2B marketing event.

Here are our top tips –

  • Analysis 

Obviously, one of the most important of all – The Analysis. Planning for sponsoring an event is never easy as it needs a lot of contemplation on how and where to put your marketing dollar and also to predict what your ROI will be. Therefore, it is important that you dissect all the available information in order to make sure you’re ready to go and ascertain your products and services at the show.. Churn out all the information available through multiple accessible mediums that would help tremendously in taking your event marketing channel’s ROI to the optimum level.

  • Geography 

As there could be numerous B2B marketing events/tradeshows that are happening around the year globally. It is next to impossible to reach out to each and every event geologically. So what do you do? Ideally, you will need to choose which locations have a majority of your prospects or relate more to the company’s products and services and then decide on which to pursue further evaluation.

  • Booth slots

If you are one of the privileged sponsors of a B2B event/tradeshow, chances are the organizers will be providing you with the business card scanning device beforehand. Assuming you would have multiple people from your company attending the event, you just need to allocate one person to take charge of scanning the business cards through the provided RFID device from which you can generate an MS Excel file (or any other readable format) and use it for your lead follow-ups. We at SMARTe are one of the experts in cleaning/augmenting the required events/tradeshow data through our unique solution – Data Enrichment

  • Organizing the Leads

It is the always considered that Events/Tradeshows generate the most cost per lead ROI as you get to meet many of your buyers, your perfect prospects face to face on the same platform. Although some prospects will give you their whole attention, some will be interested in connecting post the event concludes. Make sure you gather all the required information that you’ll need for connecting post the event along with a note about the conversation you had with them somewhere in order for you to assist in re-connecting with your aforementioned lead.

  • Follow-ups

Once the 3-4 daylong event concludes, it is very understandable that you’ll need some time to settle down from the hectic trip. Make sure you don’t rest on your laurels too much; as all the hard work you have put in for generating the leads would go away in a flash if not followed up appropriately. Never miss out on any follow-ups through a suitable medium as that could be the deal maker or breaker between your sales closures.

Thinking about what will you do with the pre-event and post-event attendee list provided by event/tradeshow organizers? Need more information on the collated leads and inquiries from the events? Worry no more - SMARTe’s Data Enrichment service enables you to utilize your Pre-Event Attendee Contact Data in the most efficient way by verifying, cleansing and appending your lists.