Challenges Facing Today’s Top CRM & MAP Professionals

According to a Yesmail Interactive/Gleanster survey, 67% of businesses rely on CRM data to segment and target customers.

Many large enterprise companies’ marketing division do have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool or a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) tool handy for their prospect and client data management and campaigns purpose. It has predominately became the heart and soul of the entire marketing data management universe. Ask any CRM/MAP tool handler; they would definitely proclaim to do wonders with clean and refreshed data put on their plate at once for their campaigns to boom straight away. Naturally, this would ultimately free up their time and space for focusing more on building constructive content & responsive email templates for empowering high ROI potential to their standard and drip campaigns.

Importance of Data Cleansing for CRM/MAP

It’s safe to say, there is a lot of junk, stale and outdated contact data residing in many CRM/MAP tools that require urgent cleansing. This inaccurate data eventually makes it hard to control the contact database which makes it harder to achieve targeted goals as email drip campaigns are going for a toss due to bad or unstructured data sitting in their marketing tools.

Before beginning a marketing campaign, it is vital to keep these potential data problems in mind and understand what it takes to ensure you’re using the most accurate data possible to hit your prospects at the right time. One way is constantly keeping a track of the entire prospects list (which is a very tedious task and cannot be realistically considered as you must be having hundreds and thousands of data residing in your marketing tools). Another way could be hiring an in-house rep who can do this for you, but take it from us, it gets very difficult to manage the numerous formats & templates for any team or individual to keep track of.  Apart from this, every time you try to clean the data, even if this succeeds in the short term, more dirty data come in. It’s quite essential to make sure the contact data isn’t just filled with loads of filthy & outdated email addresses – which hampers the marketing campaigns as you won’t be hitting your target audience. What is ideally required is updated, standardized & structured data to solve their issue which can be directly imported into their CRM/MAP tool with relative ease!

Why partnering with SMARTe benefit’s your CRM/MAP campaigns?

After trying all the above stated techniques, you are bound to look elsewhere for a vendor who can do this so that you can focus on other important parts of marketing campaigns (email templates, content massaging, target list cutting, etc.)

This is where SMARTe tides over your data challenges by understanding your pain areas such as your unstructured & humongous in-house data insights along with understanding the various CRM/MAP import formats. We work as a true agile data partner to provide key success metrics – ‘high quality global data’. Fueled by data science, we are poised to usher in B2B – on demand economy’s revolutionary ‘data-as-a-service’ (DaaS). We use proprietary focused crawling and natural language processing technologies coupled with decades of domain expertise of data normalization to deliver highly relevant and most accurate prospect database.

Our Intelligent DaaS Offerings which comprises of Bespoke Contacts and Relevant Contacts – encapsulates all the data challenges and nuances which are formulated by our 100+ clients which include, SAP, and NetSuite amongst others. Our in-depth acquaintance with industry data issues makes us stand out from rest of our competitors. Be it for highly targeted ABM campaigns or Mass campaigns, our expertise goes beyond the industry standards of providing highly accurate and relevant contacts – wherein we manage append/refresh on a weekly/monthly/quarterly cycle as well.

Reach out to us now by filling the contact form here to help you understand your data insights and make you realize your data potential in comparison to how we have solved other enterprise companies’ CRM/MAP data issues for making their marketing campaigns successful.