Can prospect prioritization help you in identifying your Sales leads?

prospect prioritizationProspect Prioritization  – 
If you are into the sales profession, would not you be enthralled to get some or  all of the below ingredients served on your plate!

  • Get only qualified in sales pipeline for follow-ups
  • How about saving your productive time and at the same time discovering ready-to-buy prospects?
  • Achieving great performance in lead conversion with the help of lead prioritization
  • Getting timely updates of target market to hit them on time, with the appropriate pitch

All above mentioned pointers are not myth; this all can be highly possible. All you have to know is your target market and favorable business triggers within the market. By measuring market triggers you can identify the ‘best-fit’ companies which could  become your customers.

It will be great news for any sales & marketing team, if they can track latest developments of their prospects, through which it will be easy for them to determine ‘who is hot and who is not!’ .. For doing so, you need to prioritize and rank your prospects according to their (perceived) interest in your products and services and also from the ability to buy those  (best-fit).  In order to carry out your marketing campaigns and prepare the sales pitch, you need insights on your target companies based  on business events like their Mergers & Acquisitions, Market Expansions, Corporate Strategies, Funding, Management Changes, Partnership & Alliances, etc

A scientific and rational prospect ranking solution could do a world of good to. Sales & Marketing folks.  SMARTe’s  unique prospect prioritization methodology combines predefined weightage with the quantitative insights gleaned from various sources to score target prospects. Thus, graded  prospect funnel   is generated through web mining, analytics and statistical modeling reflecting your ideal prospect profile. Compiled data is then put through multi-level validation like web research, telephone research, etc. to consolidate the most accurate information on your prospects.

The data gathered thus put it in a  mathematical modeling to derive respective scores of the named companies. These scores were then used to rank companies to assign priorities for prospecting. These prospect insights will be utilized to plan your sales & marketing campaigns (including Accounts Based Marketing); purely based on real business opportunity. Your Salesforce could go after high priority prospects first (low-hanging fruit for you!), improving your chance of penetration much higher. Similarly, your marketing plans could be planned keeping in mind the overall business scenario within your target list.