Can ‘clean data’ prevent a crime before it happens?

As the headline suggests, we believe in the ideology that its criminal to move ahead with your campaign strategies with dirty data lying in your CRM. The impending inception of GDPR next month has elevated the importance of clean, verified and accurate data for a marketer.

As a marketer, you must be aware of the importance of managing the budgets on your technology and branding spend. In a world where budgets are tight, we need to be careful in understanding the right channels that supplements maximum ROI. One of the effective channels that supplies quality leads into the sales pipeline are marketing campaigns.

Why do you need data accuracy?

You should take utmost care of being sure of your targeted contact data is accurate and relevancy residing in your kitty before executing your marketing campaigns. Many organizations have a huge chunk of data lying in their CRM /MAP which has been untouched for quite some time. This makes it hard to derive on the right number of accurate data since on an average a person changes job every 10-15 times in his short career span.

How can we help?

Through our unique hybrid approach of technology and human intervention, our Data Audit solution (part of our DaaS platform – Bespoke Contacts) enables you to have a look at the comprehensive picture of your existing data status, distinguishing clean, inaccurate and incomplete data. On top of this, Data Audit indicates where your business could expand your reach towards potential sales contacts which you’re unaware of – matching your ideal customer profile (ICP).

Under Data Audit, we dissect your existing data by leveraging our technology as well as domain expertise – slicing-and- dicing your data to understand its current hygiene. This enables us to provide meaningful data insights useful for targeting your campaigns.

What separates us from other data players is our consultative approach wherein we focus on making sure you know where you stand on your data with highlighting the gaps in your existing data and untapped potential of the missing data from your target universe. We also recommend frequent data refresh approach depending on your data usage regularity which helps you to plan your future data sourcing and appending strategy as per your specific demand.

Talk to us if you need cleansing of your data, we can discuss on the advantages of how implementing Data Audit can help you discriminate the bad data from good data.