Can Attractive Content Make Wonders?

What is your idea about content? Do you somewhere feel that content now-a-days has become most of the indispensable part of marketing your products, services or your brands! In today’s world marketers use websites ,blogs and social media  as their business strategies to demonstrate their expertise.

Content today is a wide topic , so let us restrict this post for content in terms of marketing for B2B Marketers.  If you are in some professional business,  you must be  aware that the world has undergone dramatic changes in terms of marketing.

Activities tested and tried some time ago, for getting attention from clients as well  to generate interest don’t work the same today. Your advertising methods that worked great for you before,  may not give same results that they gave you in the past.

Being an expert in your line of business,  you know what you are supposed to do, for your clients to maintain their interest in you. In this post, we have tried to list a few points on changing dynamics of client interactions. So what’s your thought of maintaining your clients’ interest.

Let’s see changed buyer behavior in a web-driven world:-

In past decade, the web has made terrific changes in the buying behavior.

  • During earlier times, when client or prospect was in need of information about your services; the client would probably call up to know about the information and you might engage one of your sales personnel to pass on the relevant information the client.
  • But today client’s first point of contact will surely be the internet. The client will go through your website, scan through your downloadable resources  or will reach on your social media feeds.
  • When your client is going through your website, the advertising activities won’t keep up clients’ interest. It’s the content on your website, your blog or your social feeds that will keep your client glued to information you provide.
  • Educating clients by showing them your best practices, through demonstration of how you have helped others will answer their questions and will also act as an eye-opener for the clients. Relevant Case Studies, Thought Papers, Factsheets, etc. increase the ‘stickiness’ of your content
  • Also, variety in content plays important part in capturing visitor attention. Videos, Recorded    Podcasts and Webinars, interactive demos, etc. augment effectiveness of content
  • Passing relevant information will surely help in getting positive impression .
  • The information you pass on should always be an opportunity for your clients, like they should get information  they are looking for, address their concerns, and help them in problem solving. ; and  at the same time you should be able to demonstrate your expertise.

“In today’s marketplace, knowledge itself is not power, but the sharing of knowledge is.”  –  Micheal R. Hunter