Burnt your hands in buying list data

Over 80% of our customers have admitted that it’s vital to concentrate your marketing and sales efforts to explicitly reach the segment of the audience who would be most interested or most likely to buy your product or service. Knowing this audience will help you get on their radar quickly, with all your energies and funds being spent more efficiently.

How can you make your sales more productive?

Your sales teams spend time in prospecting contacts that aren’t perfectly aligned with your target market. First, you need to find the perfect contacts to engage with. Identifying the key contacts within your target accounts that are solely responsible for taking the last purchase decision pertaining to your product or service is essential to gain better market leads.

We buy lists from data vendors!

Most of our customers have burnt their hands in buying lists off a data vendor as the acquired list pulled matching job titles mostly landed them more confused. Their sales teams were now spending all their time and effort pleading all the wrong people. It also becomes difficult to relate to the decision makers as job titles are tortuous sometimes since they don’t reveal much about the role and responsibility of an individual. To make it even worse, the existence of multiple similar contacts with same titles will only add more confusion.

So how do we get to the right decision makers?

Gathering feasible information leveraging phone research and web research is the ideal way to do it. This would take the efforts of aggregating information from multiple sources including social media, forums, CV’s, company website etc. This activity would be further clubbed by making those innumerable calls to speak with various people in the industry to find noteworthy contacts that your sales team is on the lookout for. With the help of our Global Contact Discovery offering, you can clearly differentiate between role and title based discovery as these contacts are phone validated before being delivered. This will make sure that you have a list of right audience with accurate contact information which would gradually increase your lead volume and enhance engagement quality.

While you can have an in-house team to find the ideal contact list, it would turn out to be a time consuming an expensive decision. This would not only frustrate your sales team but would, in turn also hit your bottom line. With our Global Contact Discovery offering, you just pay for the contacts that fit your Ideal Customer Profile.

Need Help?! SMARTe can provide actionable insights and real-time updates to ensure your contact data is accurate.