Buckle your seats – Internet of Everything (IoE) is here!

Here we go again you might say! Just when we thought we had it all covered – another buzz word pops up – “Internet of Everything (IoE)”. Haven’t heard it before; well the Internet of Everything (IoE) is a broad term that refers to devices and consumer products connected to the Internet and outfitted with expanded digital features. It is a philosophy in which technology’s future is comprised of many different types of appliances, devices and items connected to the global Internet.

The term is somewhat synonymous with the Internet of Things (IoT) (so don’t worry guys). IoE is based on the idea that in the future, Internet connections will not be restricted to laptop or desktop computers and a handful of tablets, as in previous decades. Instead, machines will generally become smarter by having more access to data and expanded networking opportunities. Even Cisco, one of the leading computer networking firms in the world, has started using IoE in its branding to refer to the potential of future technology.

As is the case always, with new trends – comes the new opportunities to hit the market. Wouldn’t it be just great if you had a solution which can easily and swiftly pump in real time, highly accurate contact information related to decision makers/influencers from internationally acclaimed information technology companies which use and formulate IoT technology to keep the data flowing through your sales & marketing system continuously?

Sounds cool isn’t it? Well this is where SMARTe’s unique DaaS platform – Bespoke Contacts helps to empower you to focus on improving your sales & marketing campaign efforts by helping you to build/refine your databases with up-to-date, relevant and 100% accurate contact information for every targeted business, including generating the names of multiple decision makers/influences at each organization. This plays a vital role in enhancing customer service, driving sales, and ultimately, the overall success of the organization and ensuring streamlined pipeline to business ROI flow.

Let us explore how Bespoke Contacts can enable your IoE approach –

  • Identify and build hyper-target account list accurately
  • Identify your TAM with critical insights and custom data
  • Enrich/refresh your existing data (CRM or MAP) on the go so that you will reap benefits of fresh data (enrich 85+ data fields per contact)
  • Unique hyper persona segmentation, turbocharge your next campaign and reap effective ROI
  • Go beyond SIC/NAICS codes, to provide data and insights for the specialized/emerging technology/verticals like: IoT, theme based data: Hadoop users, Online lending etc, will help you to reach them for your solutions offerings.
  • With Tech Install, you can map your competitor/partner application install base

Bespoke Contacts – Differentiators –

  • Global presence – 202 countries; truly global enterprise data as a service provider.
  • 250+ team of subject matter experts, data analysts and validation experts to deliver the highest quality global data.
  • 560,000+ Industry keywords; 440,000 Company Name Alias; 3 Million Job Role Keywords; 1000+ Data/Process rules repository; 100+ man years of Deep Domain expertise
  • Ensure data relevancy through our rich data taxonomy/dictionary/Ontologies; expertise in addressing Data Privacy rules (Double Opt-In)

In a nutshell, tomorrows data-driven marketers can leverage Bespoke Contacts to reach multiple decision makers/influences at each organization for their highly targeted IoE campaigns to reap real-time ROI.