Boosting Tradeshow Data Effectiveness using SMARTe Sanitizer

According to our client’s Marketing Director, clean data forms the base of his company’s “account-based marketing” strategies. Without clean data, account selection doesn’t work and you just won’t be able to scrutinize & select the perfect companies/contacts as your target audience for better engaging purpose.

Let’s look at how we resolved their data issues.


A global leading provider of cloud security, compliance related services, was having a large chunk of their in-house database flooded with irrelevant and outdated contacts from its past attended events/tradeshow throughout the year 2016. They wanted to not only refresh their contacts but were looking for a solution that can take care of its future health as well.


After careful understanding of the project, we decided to implement – SMARTe Data Enrich from our unique DaaS suite. At first, our data experts validate the shared event/tradeshow databases and decide on the realistic time scale of churning out the results. This is done through our unique combination of technology plus human research methodologies (which includes phone research), where we push the contacts through multiple levels of checking for its accuracy and relevancy and derive onto 100% accurate SLA guaranteed, updated and additional details of attendees’ information.

By implementing the SMARTe Data Enrich solution, we were able to successfully append more than 950+ contacts from North America. This helped us to construct a list for the client of top-level company contacts with roles involving IT Compliance, IT Audit, Information Security, Network Security, Web Application Security, Application Security, IT Security, and many more. On top of this, we made sure the delivery file was standardized and was present in the prescribed format so that the client can upload it directly into his Salesforce CRM for using for his campaigns right away!


To sum the project up, we were able to productively supply the client with accurate contacts database on his stale contacts which included its top-level target audience with a quick turn-around time. This eventually aided our client in improving its sales & marketing program efforts and in-turn giving its business a huge ROI boost.