Bespoke Contacts – World’s first cloud based platform from SMARTe

With this strategic launch of ‘Bespoke Contacts’, SMARTe’s customers can now further streamline and reduce the complexity of their critical data management through a self-service model, accessing data anytime-anywhere on a cloud, resulting in higher productivity and greater insights into the required information. This cloud solution will be available in five different subscription versions to suit diverse data needs of start-ups up to large enterprises. Global teams can collaborate on various campaigns using data through ‘Bespoke Contacts’, apart from utilizing insights on data generated through powerful analytics. Moreover different aspects of sales & marketing contact database like [highlight background=”” color=””]Discovery, Validation, Cleansing, Appending, Competitor Installed base Intelligence and Technology Infrastructure Intelligence, etc. now can be availed through the Bespoke Contacts portal here[/highlight].

Bespoke Contacts World’s first cloud based platform

Bespoke Contacts – World’s first Cloud based Platform – Infographics