Be Yourself this Independence Day

The Independence Day is regarded as the most honored day of the year for India, but then all we think is – Yippy! It’s a Holiday! Unfortunately, this year it happens to fall on a Saturday which means most companies will have an off on this day!

With the upcoming Indian festival season about to begin with this day, we all must have made special plans already right? In true sense, it should be marking 69 years of freedom. But when was the last time you genuinely celebrated Independence Day? Hard to remember isn’t it? Well, the fact is that we cannot even sense the bitter fight for freedom that our great leaders went through to get us independent. Or perhaps, it could be that we are not patriotic enough these days.

Can you truly say you are celebrating freedom on this particular day when all you think about is a holiday when you finally get the time to go shopping (with all those glittery sales offers & discounts doing the rounds), fill your groceries, take your car to the service center or clean your loft. This list can go on and on.

We say, don’t let your chores bog you down on this one day that represents FREEDOM. Let yourself free by bringing back the good old ways of freedom celebrations.

At first, rise up early in the morning and go join a freedom run or ride wherever it’s on. Dress yourself up patriotically by putting on those cotton/khadi kurtas and drape that Tri colored dupatta. If you think that’s a little too much, wear a flag pin on your clothes. Take your little children to attend the flag hoisting ceremony conducted in your neighborhood, sing the National Anthem, socialize along the way and savor some sweets or pedhas after the ceremony.

Like the entire country – tune into the live telecast from Red Fort, New Delhi on DD National and watch unfurling of the Indian Flag by our Prime Minister along with a speech at the Lal Quila followed by a special parade. Show all this to your little ones so that they understand what Independence Day Celebration was like in your childhood. After this, maybe take them to a good restaurant and enjoy a good meal.  You can maybe bring a perfect ending to this day with a long drive to a dazzlingly lightened Gateway of India. While you marvel their brilliance, you can click a few selfies on the way too!

Celebrate your day and enjoy freedom! From all of us here at SMARTe, we wish you all a very Happy Independence Day.