Bad Data will happen!

“Without a systematic way to keep your data clean, bad data will happen!”

For a successful Lead Generation campaign, there’s a need for good data to work with, it’s crucial to have data with specific requirements and accurate contact information for generation of optimum leads. Creating the database of your own requires great knowledge about demographics & firmographics of your total addressable market (TAM), to achieve specific organizational goals. Building a prospect list of target accounts and contacts sounds like a good plan, but before doing, you should be identifying your TAM.

When you visit a Target store, do you aim to buy every item you see?? you don’t try to bite off your Total Addressable Market in one fell-swoop? In shopping terms, TAM means considering all of the items you might possibly want to buy on any given trip to the Target store.

Here is when you need highly accurate and SLA guaranteed database. Advantages of having accurate customer/ prospect information:

  • Reach and influence customers/ prospects on the timely basis
  • Customers /prospects can be updated about your products/ offerings
  • Reach out to decision makers buyers
  • Run highly targeted ABM campaigns with increased ROI

SMARTe’s flagship product Bespoke Contacts, World’s first cloud platform providing 100% accurate & SLA guaranteed customized global prospect discovery platform will help you solve all your contact database related problems.

Through Bespoke Contacts’ Global Contact Discovery solution, you can avail high-quality, role-based and customer prospect database which can enable you to increase data efficiency and campaign productivity. It identifies, compiles and validates the right contacts in your target audience as per your ‘custom criteria’ addressing customers’ pain areas, supplemented by additional contact intelligence to suit your tastes. The resulting output – you get 100% accurate, relevant and updated contact data along with contextual intelligence.

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