Bad Data Out, Good Data In – Marketers Dream come true

90% of the time the most troublesome piece for any Marketing professional is the relevancy and data correctness of their existing in-house databases

Most commonly faced pain points are:

      • Unorganized, stale or redundant existing data: resulting high email bounces and Call-drop rates as well as; time wasted on cleaning huge amount of data
      • Failure to understand and build your ‘ideal buyer profiles’

      • Inadequate information on your customers, competitors, influencers, etc.
      • Not being up-to-date with the latest happenings in industries
      • Nonalignment of Sales & Marketing processes; resulting low-quality leads
      • No proper prioritization of Prospect data: not knowing who to target first
      • Lack of ability to vindicate the marketing spend = on acquiring contact data

With our game changer approach, SMARTe works with customers as a partner in identifying the above pain areas and designing the best possible solution. For the same reason, a number of well-known brands from ICT (Software, Hardware, Networking, Enterprise Technology, Service Provider, etc.), Business Services, Media & Publication, BFSI, Event Management, among others, engage with us for their data and prospect intelligence needs.

What is Bad Data and Good Data?

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Data quality plays a significant role in impacting on business goals directly. So it is very important to know contact data strengths.

To overcome this, SMARTe fills in the incomplete or inaccurate lead data so that it is updated and verified all the time. We scrub, clean and enrich existing contact data residing in CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing Platforms, or any other system of contact data storage. We work with our customers to identify their ideal prospect profiles matching target audience definition. Our multi-step validation process by research and tele-verification experts provides the best quality results enabling customers in driving impactful sales & marketing campaigns.

With our Enterprise DaaS platform, you can

    • Increase marketing effectiveness, sales pipelines, and revenue by providing highly accurate contact databases : customized to suit your specific business requirements and individually verified using a novel “multi-layer” validation process.
    • End-to-end management of contact data and prospect intelligence: From contact discovery to prospect prioritization, from enriching and appending your existing CRM database to managing audience development and subscription management, an impact of our solutions is evident from the success stories with our customers.