Authenticate your Data with Legitimate Company Names

Every organization has its own version on what constitutes a duplicate ‘Account’ or a ‘Company’. There is no correct answer anywhere for this. It all depends on how your organization’s sales systems are structured. Here are some common example of tricky situations:

  • Few example business units by location – IBM USA, IBM Canada, IBM Germany
  • Few example business units who share their name – GE Aviation Systems, GE Healthcare, GE Infrastructure
  • Few example business units (Subsidiaries) who don’t share their names – Oracle, Dyn, AddThis, Apiary

Isn’t it quite complicated, adding on this, since there are multiple channels such as website, email campaigns, events, direct calling, etc. from where the data is attracted towards the CRM/MAP systems, it’s bound to happen that there would be additional companies being created in your systems making it very hard to keep a track of these. This ultimately hampers when you are strategizing your marketing campaigns and building your target lists up for sending the campaigns.

This lack of account/company name data standardization is present in most data players’ products and is the main reason why the campaign match rate is quite low. Wouldn’t it be just great if you could fix this enabling you to focus mainly on hitting the target accounts rather than waste time in synchronizing with all the said above alias.

This is where your search ends! SMARTe has been going beyond the regular demands of B2B data provisions by addressing the varied needs of our clients and delivering as per their necessity. We leverage fuzzy logic match (Levenshtein distance algorithm & Double Metaphone algorithm) with phonetics for company match logic leading to better search results. This ultimately aids in displaying robust analytics along with much improved search results by giving you a single look of your target company instead of multiple subsidiaries, units, division, popping up.

Such unique and decades of data understanding makes up stand apart from rest of the B2B data science players by keeping us updated with all the current happening related to contact data and finding ways to suffice those into our delivery models.