Are your emails hitting junk?

Having a high-ROI email campaign is an integral part of any marketing plan and to achieve that, you have got to reach to the right target audience. As per research, “25% of the email id’s entered into web forms contains some kind of errors, slashing your prospect universe by a significant portion.

New business opportunities get affected due to bounced email addresses which prevents the sales teams from making connection with probable prospects.

As if wasted money and time weren’t enough, poorly vetted emails also risks entire online presence, as having a higher percentage of emails that bounce can make you look like an evil spammer and put you at risk of being blacklisted. Knowing that your email is going to the right audience is best for your bottom line—and reputation.

So, how do you avoid from your emails hitting the junk folders of your target audience? Enriching your CRM/MAP database can help you   get your emails to the right audience.

SMARTe’s best-in-class data delivery platform, Relevant contacts can help you clean your email addresses through its unique 100% email deliverability feature. In marketing, the quality of your list is very important, but choosing data vendor who can help you with valid email id’s can be confusing. It vital to strike the right balance among your goals, budget and how accurate do you want your list.

It’s important to strike the right balance among your goals, budget, and how precise you want your list to be. Whichever you choose, you’ll need an email verification provider that gives you an in-depth analysis of your emails, and not just an ambiguous pass or fail grade. Your marketing, your sales, and your email reputation depends on it.