Analyze your data marketing quality

“60 % of the executives say their companies are highly focused on investing in data and data analytics.” Most of the marketers nowadays classify themselves as “data-driven”, but here we are talking about contact database. Good quality contact database should be the first thing on every marketer’s mind. Sometimes importance is more for data not the quality of the data, which ideally should not be the case.

Bad data brings in bad vibes, it shows that you weren’t that attentive enough towards the target audience. Every marketer needs to keep the tab on all aspects of what their customers or target prospects are doing. If they’re the right fit, the champion of product or service, or a decision maker at a target account.

A lot of marketers focus on the metrics of their campaigns, but they don’t really focus on the most important aspect – People. It’s not that difficult to get caught up in the metrics after campaign execution, but when you only focus on the aftermath, you’re already missing the mark.

Wouldn’t it be just great if someone can scrutinize the entire in-house marketing & sales contact data to help you understand the current data hygiene? Worry no more – SMARTe can help you in this through our extensive “Data Audit” service where we leverage technology as well as domain expertise to slice-and-dice your data – providing meaningful insights and recommended an approach for data cleaning and management. It helps in understanding the hygiene of existing contact data. Be it tradeshow, inbound leads, download forms, etc.

Through our interactive “Data Audit” service, we help you:

  • Understand current health of your contact database by providing thorough GAP analysis on your existing data
  • Identify data to be refreshed, enriched, trashed, etc. in order to target untapped opportunities
  • Plan out future data sourcing /appending strategy as per your specific requirement for keeping your data fresh every time
  • Cover entire gamut of marketing & sales data stored & managed through tools like CRM/MAP, email marketing systems, etc.
  • Pay only for clean-up of relevant data vis-à-vis entire current database

Analyze your contact database health now!