ABM Strategies – The truth of high-quality data

If you are already planning or thinking of executing an ABM strategy and considering if it’s a good approach for your sales and marketing effectiveness. So what is the approach for account based marketing?

A recent study suggests that “92% B2B marketers believe ABM is an important part of their overall marketing strategy”. As Account Based Marketing (ABM) is slowly and steadily moving away from a mere buzzword to actionable approach, enterprises are trying to reap benefits of ABM campaigns which eluded them earlier. Add to this, an increasing number of B2B enterprises are also realizing the hidden truth of high-quality data which will transform their ABM approach to magical output

Identify your target accounts – The target market should be identifying the companies you are willing to sell and market. Narrow down your accounts by using filters like firmographic, technographic and geographic data based upon your customers, opportunities and pipeline.

You’ll need to get to grips with keeping – an account’s attention, translating your target into a dependable, recurring client and making sure your nurture the target in a way he never feels cornered to make a decision.

Enrichment of your data – Expand your customer knowledge, allowing you to identify new market opportunities and channel your efforts more effectively. It allows you to dynamically target accounts based on real-time updated information making sure you are always in control of your data.

Complete data – To get your ABM strategy in place you should look at two important factors accurate dial number and verified email address of all your target accounts. It’s also important to get all your data fields information for running various campaigns. The success of ABM campaign solely hinges on high-quality data and complete data. Scaling of your ABM charter delivering exponential ROI on your ABM campaigns.

Our Bespoke Contacts platform will make sure your ABM strategies emphasizes on the right accounts, thus accelerating deal closure rates to meet your company revenue targets and business goals. We can have potential alliance with leading ABM providers as most of them only focus on account or Company level details.  SMARTe will help to identify best fit accounts (target account list build) through our huge pool of 100 million contact database.

We identify your TAM, reinforce with clean data which yields better results and key account insights. Along with nurturing and marketing via ABM campaigns, we also measure our approach which enables our customers to monitor and close more deals

Basically we have developed a fine tuned model to help companies execute all of their data in real-time and flawless ABM program. It helps sales and marketers identify where to spend their dollars, time, and energy.