7 Pointers for Generating Consent-based Contact Databases

It is very imperative to realize the nitty-gritty’s when you are planning a lead generation campaign.  A relevant & accurate contact database is considered to be the primary step for driving a successful email marketing campaign. While buyer trustworthiness is important, it is also very vital to devise a marketing strategy that helps you in generating good solid leads. You need to focus more on converting the prospects while formulating your directed campaigns.

Want to know how to do this, find below few points that can help you to create a tailor-made database as per your requirements:

1. Sincerely honor privacy regulations

Nobody likes to receive an email from an outsider. One can either ignore it or mark it as spam. There are serious consequences if you are found bulk emailing to email addresses without their proper prior permissions. So, you need to be very careful in complying with the privacy regulations from each email addresses country origin.

2. Make them believe through relevancy

Consider asking yourself, would you share your professional information to an unknown caller or email without gazing their intent? The answer would (or should) be a big ‘NO’. You need to build that confidence and raise their interest by putting forward a solid objective reason for assisting your contact collection program. This is not very difficult as nowadays, people get very attracted to an incentive or an interesting offer very quickly. Try convincing them to fill out your forms or respond to your emails by sharing free coupons, exciting contexts, loyalty programs, eBooks, useful free content, etc. Try guessing the latest concern areas or trends in your target market – and build and offer something which address those areas.

3. Content is still the King

For all marketing operations, take for AdWords PPC campaigns, event booth adverts, SEO, etc. content is still considered very important that can make or break a campaign. Similarly, the prominence of content cannot be neglected here as well. It’s been seen that listening to clients by understanding their behavior, their area of interest, and their brand loyalty makes a substantial impact on your marketing campaign. Not only will this assist you in knowing your customer, but it will also help you to build appealing and effective content that meets your customers’ factual expectations.

4. Make it easy to access what you offer

After building interest and making the user click on your information, you would hardly want them to waste their time by filling many fields or getting frustrated waiting for the subscription page to load. Make the subscriptions page quick and simple along with it loading faster. It is apt to highlight the call to action button of your mailer to simplify your interested user’s registration before designing the layout.

5. Being socially online

The web and social media have become the corner stones of every marketing campaign and so you must not miss out on them here as well. Try to place your call to action button asking for subscriptions to your mailer into multiple, if not, every web form on your website. Build distinctive landing webpages for augmenting your contact database if you are planning an incentive or poll based campaign. This will build web page stickiness along with creating your brand awareness. You can also utilize the potential of Facebook and LinkedIn for starters, to empower a strong level of customized gallery showcasing your offerings. Post your offerings and updates to take advantage of these channels to place a registration form into them. Surely you will succeed in enticing some interest!

6. Use ‘re-targeting’ across channels

Using visitor data collected through ‘Cookies’ are now a days used extensively to ‘re-target’ audience across the web and social media. Have a relevant and consistent message in re-targeting ads; to get that brand recall and consistent call to action. Obviously one needs to test out the best content + design + call to action to be used in re-targeting. Encourage your audience to sign-up with you through focused re-targeting.

7. Engage with domain experts

Contact Data may not be your core competency, or you might not get enough time to focus on it. In such case, you can turn to domain experts and providers who specialize in generating consent based contact data.

It’s fun to get people excited about what you can do for them! Try out some of these points and you should be able to generate interest from your potential buyers.