6 Secrets to maintain successful data hygiene

A marketer faces several challenges with their contact data refinement. These issues cover outdated contact information like wrong emails, incorrect phone numbers, incomplete or uneven data lists, huge data from your CRM/marketing automation tools, inconsistent data entry, and numerous more which you might have come across as well.  Looking at the above contact data challenges, you must be wondering how to fix these.

Well, we have enlisted few solutions to your B2B data challenges which might be worth trying: -

#1 Embrace the right and trash the wrong

Outline the process you want to follow to maintain your current CRM/marketing automation data. You can choose to –

1. Hire  a data partner


2. Get your hands dirty by updating information in-house.

Regular maintenance of gigantic data is quite difficult for most in-house teams and it’s better to leave this in the hands of the data experts . While the vendors can help you streamline your data, you can focus on closing deals.

#2 Classify your data

Imagine the numerous ways used to segment your customers – by geography, industry, sales figures, profitability and more. Once done, think about the content you’d like to share that appeals to them. Think over how your audience is likely to respond to your content and classify them by their job titles or roles in their company, market, industry. Take special care in segmenting your existing customers and hot prospects already in conversations since you don’t want to scupper any ongoing deals.

#3 Fill in the blanks with insights

After all the hard work of segmenting, take most care in spending sufficient time and money on cleaning the targeted contact data. If there are blank fields in your targeted contact data, chances are you are not writing customized & unique content to them. Missing insights like -

  • Whether their company is recently funded
  • If (s)he is newly hired on the job
  • Is the contact from one of your customer companies
  • Is the contact using any of your competitive technology

Along with this, regular checks on the bread-and-butter contact data fields stays almost as much of importance. You don’t want to target prospects with bounced email addresses or wrong phone numbers.

#5 Prioritize your data

Once you’re ready with clean and accurate data for campaigns, drill down your segmentation with ranking your data as hot, warm or cool priority – giving you a starting point to trigger your emails. This could be based on your historical customer lists, recent target market patterns and more. Gone are the days where mass emails to 10,000 prospects  used to work, with highly focused and prioritized data targeting recommended due to numerous recent GDPR policies and laws.

#6 Ongoing health check-up

As with respect to constantly moving technology trends, your data needs continuous attention for it to never be stale. Healthy data has always been the source of many successful marketing and sales campaigns programs. Monitor your campaign hit-rate through your existing sales and marketing tools and make sure to keep the data points - health, wealthy and wise.

Working on the abundant methods to segment your data based on your target audience will make it easier for sales and marketing teams to reach the correct people with the correct and accurate details. Only when you are 100% confident that you have accurate & complete data, you can properly assess your strategic ROI towards your different programs.