Events Cancelled? 5 ways to Minimize the Damage on Your Sales Pipeline

Events Cancelled Due to COVID-19? Here Are 5 ways to Minimize the Damage on Your Sales Pipeline

If travelling to industry, events was a major part of your lead generation strategy, we’re sure the last couple of weeks have been rough for you. Travel bans, event cancellations and a general sense of uncertainty means we are faced with a real problem. All of these cancellations will be a big blow to those whose strategy depends on such events. Although we do not have a crystal ball to predict how long this would last (we so wish we did!), here are a few helpful tips to address this challenge.

Evaluate your existing sales pipeline

When you don’t have new prospects to tend to, the best lead generation strategy would be to tap into your existing pipeline and database. All those people you have called or met earlier? Get talking to those accounts who have been dormant in your database for months. Seize the opportunity to have a good look at your CRM and make those cold prospects warmer. You might just land up with a substantial list of high quality leads that have huge potential of turning into paying customers.

Don’t lose out on existing leads

You’ve worked hard to get meetings with relevant decision-makers. If you already have meetings scheduled, why let it go? Make good use web conferencing solutions and meet virtually. If they are now unavailable due to the existing circumstances, understand and reschedule the meeting for another time. Do not lose on the momentum and the least you could do to achieve it is pick up the phone.

Run targeted campaigns

The strategy of generating leads is usually based on the markets that a business is looking to tap into. For eg. you would have attended a SiriusDecisions TechX event to meet decision makers of likeminded tech companies based in North America. You have your target segment ready right there! What exactly is stopping you from utilizing paid media and other digital tools to reach your ideal prospects? Use paid ads and run email marketing campaigns to advertise by location, company type, job titles and specific companies you would particularly like to work with.

Try out that ABM thing you’ve always wanted to

This is probably the best time to try out something new and see what it can do for you. Concentrate your sales and marketing resources on a well-defined set of target accounts within a market to employ personalized campaigns designed to resonate with each account. Ensure your messages are personalized and is based on the specific attributes and needs of the account you’re targeting. It’s much easier to sell when you’re familiar and sure about your target market.

Leverage other Lead Generation platforms

Deep dive into all your available channels to generate leads – be it email, content, social, paid media or any other channel. Webinars are also a great way to capture the attention of your prospects in a virtual environment and demonstrate your expertise. One great benefit of ramping up all your other lead generation channels is that you will see higher volumes of leads generated even after everything calms down and events become feasible again. This will boost your Lead Generation strategies to a great extent!

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